Trini-born Vietnam Veteran Set To Be Featured on American TV Network

Google the name Dalton Narine and you’ll see incisive pieces about newsmakers, events of global significance and the history of TT Carnival.

What you may have overlooked, though, is that this Trinidadian-born writer, columnist, cultural aficionado and archivist is also a Vietnam war veteran, who has written extensively over the years about how the experience has impacted his life.

In their latest project, The Vietnam War, celebrated documentarians Ken Burns and Lynn Novick explore the effects of the war in an unapologetically gritty ten-part series, which begins today on the US-based Public Broadcasting Station (PBS).

And, as fate would have it, Narine has been invited to contribute a piece for the film.

“I cannot wait to see it on PBS,” Narine tells Sunday Newsday from his home in Kendall, Florida.

Dalton Narine, serving with the First Aviation Brigade and First Infantry Division as a combat controller. This image was taken in thee Ho Bo Woods soon after he walked into a termite mound that drew hundreds of black ants.

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