Bee Quammie: A Powerful Voice of Caribbean Descent in Canadian Media

Those familiar with Bee Quammie and her line of work, have knowledge of the immense passion and creativity exerted into every topic, issue, or cause that she sets out to institute or amplify. She is an empowered writer, digital content creator, public speaker, a mother, wife and a strong and notable voice in Canadian media. Quammie stands among the many impactful women in Canada who aim to give a voice to important and pressing issues within the community.

Though she was born and raised in London Ontario, Quammie shares that her background has always been a significant part of her identity. Most of her work bears influence from her Jamaican heritage and upbringing being raised by Jamaican parents who migrated to Canada, her father from Montego Bay St James, and her mother from Lucea Hanover.

Given the cultural disconnect that often comes with being raised in a different country, her heritage was always retained through frequent visits to Jamaica and parents who made every effort to educate her on her background. This has allowed Quammie to possess a deep appreciation for things Jamaican and often transfers it into her work. She sees this as a vital element in providing an authentic representation of Jamaica and its cultural products in mainstream media.

“Being of Jamaican heritage, it’s very important for me to bring my own authenticity from my perspective into more mainstream areas so that readers can learn and hear about things from somebody who’s within the culture,” she said in an interview.

“So, it definitely majorly impacts what I do writing-wise. It impacts what I do when I do events or public speaking. I just find that being authentic about my background is something that really pushes my work forward.”

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