Getting to Know Barbados born Monica Broomes

Monica Broomes is very thankful for the life she has in Cape Breton. The 77-year-old was born in St. James Barbados and immigrated to Canada when she was a teenager to be with her mom and maternal grandfather.

After arriving, Broomes became a member of the choir at St. Phillip’s African Orthodox Church in Whitney Pier, where she lived. Now retired from her job working in the laundry at Holy Redeemer convent, the devoted Christian is very active in fundraising efforts at St. Phillip’s Church and enjoys visiting friends.

“We are so lucky with everything we have here in Cape Breton compared to other countries. Thank God for Cape Breton.”

Age: 77.

Occupation: Retired.

Family: Two daughters, Andrea and Beulah, 3 grandchildren.

Birthplace: St. James, Barbados.

Home: Sydney.

Pets: No.

Nickname: Monique, Veronica.

First Job: Sydney city hospital, delivering food to patients.

What talent would you most like to have: None.

Coffee or tea: Both.

What is your favourite food: Chicken and rice, homemade soup.

Favourite movie: Big TV fan.

Favourite book: The Bible.

Pet peeve: I can’t even think of anything, I go my merry way.

What is something you like to do in your leisure time: Watching the Young and the Restless.

Favourite motto or expression: Never cross a bridge before you get to it.

What traits in people do you admire most: Caring, thoughtful in every which way.

Favourite thing about Cape Breton: We are so blessed with everything here.

Favourite place to travel in Cape Breton: Driving around but not the Cabot Trail.

Favourite place to travel outside Cape Breton: Barbados.

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