The Deep Run freshman Who’s Half Swedish, Half Trinidadian and a Half soccer, Half Tennis Player

cluding her sepia skin tone, the ability to play soccer and the talent to be a standout tennis player.

She’s 14 years old, a freshman at Deep Run, and she’s undefeated playing tennis for the Wildcats.

Her background isn’t like the other players on the roster.


Her father, Mervyn, was born in Trinidad. He played soccer growing up and made the national team.

After Trinidad missed the 1992 Olympics, he decided to leave home for the United States.

He accepted a scholarship to play soccer at VCU. He had never heard of the school, but its coach, Lincoln Phillips, was a native of Trinidad and Tobago.

That’s where he met Sofia. She had grown up in Sweden playing tennis. She, too, played on a national team, then was recruited to VCU by Paul Kostin, the school’s Swedish tennis coach.

Both didn’t think they’d stay in Richmond long. But next came graduate school. Then Sofia pursued her PhD, and Mervyn took a job with Altria.

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