The inspirational story of Gerard Placide: from the streets to the stage

Trinidadian contemporary gospel artist, Gerard Placide, visited Belize to share his music and inspiring story of how his drive, talent and determination took him from homelessness to the White House, among other great achievements.

Born in the area of San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago, Placide enjoys a prolific career in contemporary gospel music and motivational speaking. He is also a former US army officer, and has received recognition from the US Congress for his music and work to foster cultural integration. He has travelled to Italy and met with Andrea Bocelli, and travelled to India to meet with Amitabh Bachchan and was honored with a day in his name in Georgia, Atlanta.

His early life, however, was difficult and similar to the the lives the youth of Belize are facing. Disagreements with his father put Placide on the streets of Port of Spain at the early age of 14, where he lived for more than six years. Cognizant that many youth and children lack internal resources to confidently make it in the unforgiving environments they live in, Placide shares his life message to inspire youths to strive for their dreams. “You see my glory, but you need to hear my story,” he said.

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