Trinidadian Man Hailed A Hero in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Trinidadian taekwondo star Khaidem Neblett might be known for his fast feet and fists when he is doing martial arts, but it was this one selfless act that had the people of Amsterdam showering the athlete with praise.

For them, Matelot-born Neblett is a hero.

Neblett made international news after he jumped into an ice cold lake in Vondelpark, Amsterdam on Tuesday to save a dog in difficulty.

Neblett is a professional taekwondo athlete and currently holds a black belt in the sport. He has been in Amsterdam for the past three months doing a taekwondo training camp, which ends on March 14.

Neblett told the Express he was just talking a stroll when he saw the owner screaming on the bank as the dog struggled to keep its head up.

There were approximately five other people gathered around, however Neblett did not hesitate and jumped into the icy waters to save the canine.

Rescuers while taking Neblett away on a stretcher, the owner of the dog gave him a kiss on the cheek and thanked him for what he did.

She said, “He is an amazing person.”

Neblett did not sustain any major injuries for his daring feat, but the hospital kept him overnight for observation.

He said he was relieved that the dog was doing well.

“I would feel hopeless knowing that the dog or any life, would just sink down there.”

According to Neblett, saving the dog was the only thing he could do in the situation.

He said, “I am a good person. Heroes are just good people,” he said.

A video of Neblett speaking to those on the scene after his heroic deed was posted on his Facebook page.

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