At 17 Years Old, She Holds A Total of 27 Subjects, Earning The Last 14 This Year Alone

When Avery Barnett graduated fifth form in July, she already had more subjects than a typical sixth former at the end of two years. And by the time exam results were published last month, she had doubled her previous tally.

At 17 years old, she holds a total of 19 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects, one IGCSE (O’ level), five GCE A/S levels, and two GCE A’ levels, earning the last 14 in this year’s May-June exam period alone.

In the photo above, Avery Barnett is sandwiched at her high school graduation by her parents, National Water Commission President Mark Barnett and Dr Janaine Dawkins

“This was not by chance, but by design,” Barnett’s mother, Dr Janine Dawkins, told the Jamaica Observer.

“She had set her sights on becoming an orthopaedic surgeon from as early as first form and recognised that this would require approximately 14 years of study beyond high school. Immediately deciding that sixth form could be avoided, she began her quest to be prepared to leave school at fifth form and go straight to college overseas,” Dawkins reported.

Avery graduated second in her class at Immaculate Conception High and has already started at Grinnell College in Iowa, USA, where she was awarded an international grant and work-study opportunities. She is pursuing a 3-in-3 programme that will see her doing three years at Grinnell and three years at an affiliated university in order to obtain: a Bachelors of Arts from Grinnell, a Bachelors of Engineering from the affiliated university, and a Masters of Engineering from the same affiliated university.

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