Barbados-born, Mark Ramsay and Ariana Green Are On A Journey To Change The World Of Gaming

Co-founders of Couple Six, Mark Ramsay and Ariana Green  created a video game concept that centres on Caribbean slavery and are diligently working to get the game launched in 2019.

“Slavery shaped the identity of Caribbean people indelibly,” said one of the co-founders of Couple Six Inc., Mark Ramsay. “It gave birth to immense suffering and immense resilience and it is the starting point for all of our shared stories.”

“Our game is set in 1930s Barbados and it has flashbacks and allusions to earlier periods. We wanted to include both the colonial aesthetic and the historical reality of the workers’ riots that were taking place during that period.”

If you wanted to find out what this game was going to be about in a two-sentence blurb  – “Le Loupgarou is a game about a plantation fire, a pact with a creature called a baccou, and a civil rights activist masquerading as a maid.”

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