Committed to abused and neglected children

At thirty, Abbigale Loncke has been braving a broken social system to help every child that comes in her path. At 19 years old, she dropped her dream to pursue law and followed a burning desire to counsel young children who have been abused, neglected or involved in serious crimes.

“I was given the opportunity to work on some of the most high profile cases with children in London…cases that you might have seen on the BBC or CNN,” she said. “But still my heart was here. I wanted to take all that I had learnt and bring it to Guyana to help our children that are placed in prison facilities, children that are in government homes. I wanted a better social system,” she added.

Loncke was pursuing a law degree at the University of Guyana when she was given an opportunity to study and work in the United Kingdom. Leaving her family behind, she packed and moved. Her passion for law was still burning when she arrived in the foreign land but soon afterward, a group of children in a prison facility in London quickly ousted that vision.

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