Dain Dixon, a 14-year-old Resident of Woodford Park, Kingston, Jamaica is a rising star

Dain Dixon is jovial, an avid sports fan, and says his sights are keenly set on a career in technology, before becoming the prime minister of Jamaica, of course.

Having recently been awarded the title of ‘Most Improved Student’ during the weeklong FLOW/JA Biztown Tech Camp, Dixon is already preparing to achieve his career goals as he gets ready for his third year of studies at Papine High School.

What is not easily recognised, however, is that Dixon is a fighter. He was born with “a hole in his heart” (atrial septal defect) and suffers from a speech impediment. He is one of five children who live with his father, a single parent. A painter by profession, Dain Dixon Sr is determined to ensure that his son takes full advantage of opportunities that he did not himself have growing up.

“Dain is a blessed child who knows that he has to work extra hard to succeed because of the challenges he faces. With hard work and motivation, Dain’s speech impediment is improving. He is not shy, and by being friendly and active, he has managed to overcome many of the difficulties that people in his position would simply accept,” said Dain Sr.

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