Guyanese-born NYPD officer Receives Prestigious Recognition

Rhonda O’Reilly-Bovell, who after migrating to the U.S. just 28 years ago at age 16, is the commanding officer of the 7th Precinct on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and president of the Guyanese American Law Enforcement Association (GALEA)

O’Reilly will once again make history, when she is inducted into the Hunter College Alumni Hall of Fame during a ceremony on May 4.

These stirring achievements, can no doubt be credited to the sound up-bringing and solid educational foundation that she received in her homeland. These accomplishments also prepared her for the arduous career she chose in law enforcement, after joining the New York Police Department six years after arriving in America.

The petite young woman, who served as a P.O. in the 100 Precinct, before quickly being promoted to sergeant in 2002, and then Lieutenant in 2010, where she served in the 63rd Precinct, is a hard working immigrant, who climbed the ladder four years ago, to become captain in the 30th Precinct.

O’Reilly’s work ethic propelled her to the rank of deputy inspector last year, a few months after, becoming one of the top-ranking officers in the NYPD.

She said she wants youths to know about the programs the NYPD offers to obtain an education. She is a fitting example of these grants received when she joined the Cadet Corps while attending Hunter College.

“I chose a career in law enforcement because I wanted to help others. My inspiration comes from my entire family who supports me 100 percent. My nephew is also a member of the NYPD,” said O’Reilly-Bovell.

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