Guyanese born World Renowned Surgeon is Making Waves in Canada

The youngest of 11 children, Raj Rampersaud was born in a small village in the Guyana around the time the country gained independence from the United Kingdom.

His family moved abroad with not much more than the clothes on their backs.

Rampersaud excelled in school and the idea of becoming a doctor was first planted by his parents who wanted a better life for their bright son.

Today, he lives a comfortable life in the west end of Toronto with his wife and four children, three girls and a boy, ages 5 to 12.

His success with ISAEC is especially significant because back pain is one of the most common reasons patients see doctors and is responsible for more than half of all opioid prescriptions.

Up to 80 per cent of adults experience lower back pain at some point in their lives, Rampersaud notes.

Back pain is also one of the most common reasons people miss work, he says, adding worldwide it is responsible for the most days spent with a disability. Persistent back pain can prevent people from working and even socializing. It can also result in mood dysfunction.

“Prevention of chronic back pain is one of the principal goals of ISAEC,” Rampersaud says.

Most of the family immigrated to Canada. The young Rampersaud was 7 when they settled in a working class neighbourhood of Hamilton.

Racism was rife and Rampersaud recalls being regularly called a “paki” and even getting into fisticuffs because of the colour of his skin.

His father, a dentist back in Guyana, found employment as a janitor. Rampersaud’s mother, who did not work outside the home back in Guyana, found a job as a seamstress.

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