Jamaican Student Receives $5m Scholarship to Study in China

Jamaican student, Tagera Ottey has received a $5-million scholarship to study medicine in the People’s Republic of China, courtesy of China National Pharmaceutical Corporation (Sinopharm).Speaking at a send-off for the student at the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) yesterday, Minister without Portfolio, Mike Henry, who had appealed to the company on behalf of the recipient, commended the company on the swiftness of the response.

He noted that “they rose to the occasion” and provided an opportunity “for a Jamaican to move forward”.


He urged Ottey “as you grasp this opportunity, to do so in the interest of Jamaica”.


The minister said the scholarship award is another example of the great friendship that exists between China and Jamaica.


He noted that China has brought huge investments to the country, and encouraged Jamaicans to “rise and match that investment. Let us try and jointly do so”.


For his part, Chinese Ambassador to Jamaica Tian Qi pointed out that in recent decades, his country has provided more than 2,000 scholarships and training opportunities for Jamaicans.


He noted that with more than 16 major Chinese companies operating in Jamaica, and investments of US$1.5 billion, this means employment and training for hundreds of persons.He implored the student, after the six years of study, to return as a qualified doctor and “serve the people of Jamaica”.

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