Jamilla Sealy: The Teacher in Barbados Who Teaches and Learns

Jamilla Sealy is a young woman from the small island of Barbados in the Caribbean, who defines herself as a person from the outside. I never liked to watch a lot of TV and spend my childhood planting, swimming in the sea, climbing trees, picking fruit… and my mother encouraged it. I remember her taking me on the bicycle to make picnics”.


Because she lived so much outside, it was in the elementary school that Jamilla found her first great love: geography. “There are no rivers and no mountains in Barbados. When I began to have classes about rivers, about mountains, I saw the world was so vast. I fell in love forever for that department”. Although many people tried to make Jamilla change her mind, there was no way, she graduated and specialized in science, environment and natural resources.

“They tried to convince me to be a doctor, but I fought a lot to do what I wanted”

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