‘Mother Lowe’ from Jamaica Marks 100 years

Josephine Lowe recalls the days when respect for elders and good manners were hallmarks of Jamaican society.

Her face lit up at the memory as she discussed those good old days with the Jamaica Observer last Friday, April 27, two days after she marked her 100th birthday at Eden Gardens, the business complex on Lady Musgrave Road in St Andrew owned by one of her 10 children — renowned scientist Dr Henry Lowe.

“Oh, Lord, Jamaica was much better than now, because you had to have respect to elders,” the centenarian said when she was asked to share her memories of the island in her younger years.

“When you pass people you say ‘good morning’, and when they give you anything you say ‘thank you’, and you say ‘please’ when you are requesting anything. Now, the children don’t say those things, they don’t have that respect,” said the woman the woman more popularly referred to as “Mother Lowe” by family and friends.

In 1961, Mother Lowe went to live in Pembroke Hall and hasn’t moved since.

She has pleasant recollections of the following year when Jamaica achieved political independence from Britain, as those days, she explained, were peaceful.

“I felt good about it, because everybody started to feel that they were their own person… we never had so much killing like now; we could go out late at night and get home safely,” she said.

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