The Fab Four! – Jamaican High students achieve academic success, win accolades

Holy Childhood High School students Jada Bender, Carissa Lewis, Samoya Cochrane, and Sahara Pinnock all have something to celebrate.

The results of the 2016 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) and Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) reflected a welcome resurgence by students of Holy Childhood High School with Samoya Cochrane copping an impressive five subjects, all 1s in the CAPE, and Sahara Pinnock’s 10 CSEC passes – all at grade 1 all with an ‘A’ profile – being the standout performances by the Half-Way Tree, St Andrew, all-girl school.


Also contributing to the 80-year old Catholic-run institution’s stellar showing were Carissa Lewis, who is a budding nutritionist or dietician, and Jada Bender, a future scientist with concerns about the parlous state of Jamaica’s natural environment.


Arts and Education recently caught up with all four bright sparks and some of their teachers to get some insight into the secret of their success.


Describing herself as “intrinsically motivated” to study, Samoya said her passes were in pure mathematics, accounting, economics, management of business and communication studies.


She wants to be an actuarial scientist and is actively scouting for scholarships to pursue that career.

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