An Inspiring Story-72 Year Old Viola Refuses To Give Up

Almost 10 years ago when Viola Reynolds’ husband died, her children told her to put down farming and take some well-needed rest. But the Bloxburgh, east rural St Andrew, resident said she loves farming too much to stop.

“If me sit down and nah do anything, me woulda fret ova it, so me still continue. I plant coffee, banana, yam, pumpkin, pak choi, turnip, every little thing you can think of,” the 72-year-old told THE STAR.

She has been farming for more than 40 years, and from it, she has managed to raise her seven children, and many others. She proudly told THE STAR that they have all turned out very well.

“One of them is a teacher in Cayman. I have one that teaches in Kingston,” she beamed, adding that the others have established careers in farming, welding and transportation.

Before farming, at age 14, Reynolds had moved from the her rural community to Kingston to work as a helper, but things became difficult after having children.

“I couldn’t finance the children. Is a gun I hear fire, and I said before I make me children them come turn gunman, me prefer walk away and come back to country,” she recalled.

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