Behind the Scars is an Inspiring Story of Survival

Gabrielle Bushell has been scorned and scared but her story will inspire. Nation News of Barbados shares an inspiring story of Gabrielle Bushell

Imagine being called insulting names all your childhood. All Gabrielle Bushell wanted was a normal life, but if that had been her lot, she would not be the inspiration she is today.

Gabrielle was bullied from childhood to adulthood – because she was different. She was discriminated against and insulted in some of the most unthinkable ways.

She was denied several jobs out of the fear she would “scare away” customers. What many would not know is that Gabrielle suffers from haemangioma

Gabrielle told EASY magazine she was hospitalised from three months old until she was two and a half years old. She underwent five surgeries before she was a teenager to remove the non-cancerous growths on her face and also had to have reconstructive surgery. 

Her time at primary and secondary school is not remembered as the “best days of her life”. She said that had it not been for friends at each educational level she did not know how she would have survived. “I went to school at Bayley’s Primary School and Christ Church Foundation School and during my time at each school I was teased severely.”

“At primary school I had a friend named Reneka Gooding and during secondary school Dwayne Burgess, my high school sweetheart, who stood up for me. There were incidents where I was teased so badly . . . students wanted to beat me up but I stood my ground. After that they left me alone.” 

For more read the full story at Nation News

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