Daughter of Elderly Couple Killed in Jamaica Says She Forgives Parents’ Killers-Would You?

A year after the brutal killings of Melbourne and Etta Flake in Jamaica, their daughter Debbie Olfert says she’s found a way to live by forgiving her parent’s killers.

‘Revenge is like drinking poison hoping somebody else will die,’ says Debbie Olfert

Melbourne, 81, and Etta, 70, were found dead in “their dream” vacation home in St. Thomas, Jamaica, on Jan. 9. Olfert said her father was only a few cabinets away from completing the house he built from the ground up.  

The killers, Olfert was told by Jamaican police, did it for the small amount of money they got from her parent’s bank cards.

“They did a horrible horrible thing,” Olfert said. “I forgive them so that my life doesn’t become poisoned. Revenge is like drinking poison hoping somebody else will die, and I can’t wish any more ill on them. They’re in jail, so that’s where they belong, and that is a comfort.”

She hasn’t forgotten the excitement in her father’s voice when he called for the last time on Jan. 9 of last year. She was driving, so he abruptly ended the conversation, promising to phone her back.

“That call never came, so I knew that they were murdered the 9th, the evening, because he never called me back. He always called me back and they found them on the 10th,” she said.


Days later, she and her husband walked through the crime scene in order to identify her parents.

“They would like to say it was a burglary, but what they did to my mother? I couldn’t recognize her at the autopsy. What they did to my dad, an old man in his 80s? They bashed him in the head. They were good, kind people, in their later years,” she said through tears.

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