David and Eva Sill In Love after 43 years

The journey started in church, where strangers became friends, and then friends became lovers.

Now, the two have reached a milestone only some people dream of. This is how the life of David and Eva Williams has unfolded. The couple have been married for more than 40 years.

Eva told THE STAR that her first encounter with David was on the street.

“It was a surprise to me. I was going to work and I see this young man down at the roadside close to his home,” she said. “He said to me, ‘I would like to marry you enuh’, and I answered and said no.”

She thought that was the end of that story, but fate had something different planned for her, as she felt heavy in the spirit when she said no.

“As I leave and go down the road going to work, a voice said to me, ‘Why you said no’? And the whole day, the voice is asking me why I said no. Even when I go to work it was on my mind,” she said.

The burden was lifted from Eva when she changed her answer to ‘yes’, a decision that she is glad she made.


Eva describes the journey as a great one. She encourages younger persons to wait until they are ready to make a life with someone before getting married.

She advises them not to rush, and always put God first in all that they do.

David, too, said he still feels the love he had when he first asked Eva to marry him. After 43 years together, the love is still strong.

David told THE STAR that “Life is not always smooth, but you have to have a certain level of tolerance to cope with each other to make the relationship successful. Everyone has their faults but they should bear with each other.”

The secret to an everlasting relationship is not the same for everyone, but David stresses that having a high level of tolerance makes the difference.

“As human beings, each of us has our faults, but it is only for each and everyone to understand that and to exert some amount of tolerance. I must understand that I myself am at fault at times, so I should expect the same from my spouse,” he said.

The couple, who usually celebrate their big day on the north coast, have decided to spend time with family this year, eating, dancing and just being merry.

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