Dominica-Basketball in The Family

From time to time the truth in the popular expressions, “Like Father… Like Son” and “Like Mother… Like Daughter” is revealed under the floodlights on Dominica’s basketball courts. In our local parlance, you may also hear, “He take by his Mother,” or “She take by her Father.” In that regard we have seen Dominican basketball players who have had sons and/or daughters getting into the sport as players, ensuring continuity in the sport among the family.

Currently in Dominica there is a “basketball family unit” comprising the two parents, their daughter and three sons. Mom and Dad have long retired from the sport, but two of the boys are still scoring for their respective teams in the National League. On the other side of the table is a Dad, his three sons and his grand-son who all bounced – or are still bouncing and shooting – that basketball.

Six of the “basketball parents” have two or more sons who became players, with one such Dad leading the way with four sons in the line-up. Another Dad has two “basketball daughters”.

Two of those Dads are among Dominica’s basketball pioneers, having competed in the National League in the mid-1960s; their eldest “basketball sons” would currently be in their early-50s. At the other end of the court, three other “basketball Dads” are currently in their mid-40s, while we see a couple of the “juniors” – in their teens – currently playing or recently having played on the same team with Daddy.

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