Emprezz: A Celebrity Provides Hope to the Children of Jamaica

Emprezz Golding is one of the unique individuals who has united her purpose with her passions and talents as my wise college professor had encouraged. She is a humanitarian, wife, mother, tv celebrity, radio talk show host, entrepreneur, and tireless advocate for the children of Jamaica.Emprezz is the executive producer, creator and host of the television show, Talk Up Yout, in Jamaica. Years ago, she had a vision of how remarkable it would be to share the stories of youth around the country on various media platforms- stories of pain, disease, violence and despair- and stories of hope, love, success and triumph.The TV show rapidly grew in popularity for its no-holds barred, frank approach to publicly tackling topics such as sexual and reproductive health, violence, teen pregnancy, suicide, substance abuse, mental health, and disabilities. Many of these issues had never been raised on television like this before.

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