From A Farmer Girl to A Passionate lawyer-Guyana’s Best Graduating Law School Student, Shares her Story

Before she was even a teen, Latoya Andrea Roberts always knew that whatever career path she was going to take, it must lead her to achieving a most profound life goal—making a difference in the world.

However, coming from a poor background, the realization of this dream seemed in her younger days, a mere illusion.

With much perseverance and an unquestionable faith in the Supreme Being, Roberts today stands overjoyed as she recently emerged as the top graduating Guyanese law student from the Hugh Wooding Law School.

The 29-year-old admits that while law is an enormous undertaking, given the commitment needed, there is no other job she would rather do. For her, it is a blessing to be able to embrace such an extraordinary calling.

Roberts grew up with her mother, Myrtle Peters, in Vreed-en-Rust, West Bank Demerara.

She shared that her mother was a single parent who did mostly farming and basket weaving to support three children.

“I was a country girl. And life in my village was very different to what took place in town. I helped my mother a lot with farming, the funds from which she used to take care of me, my brother and my sister.

In that village, I attended Sandhills Nursery and Sandhills Primary School. I remember that most times, we went to school barefoot and held our books in our hand or in a plastic bag. We used a boat for most of our travels”

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