From Hahnemann to Trinidadian Food: The Story of Flambo, North Broad’s New Trinidadian Restaurant

Anthony Logan left a career as a director of hospital operations to turn an abandoned building into restaurant.

He was on the way to Hahnemann for an interview at what should have been his dream job, but Anthony Logan couldn’t take his mind off an abandoned building. He spotted it along North Broad Street from the backseat of a cab. Something about the proximity to City Hall gave him the crazy idea that he could be successful there and perhaps fulfill the wacky prediction of his godfather that he’d one day be a restaurateur.

Fourteen years, several hospital jobs and countless weekends spent gutting the insides of 820 N. Broad St. later, Logan is the proud owner of Flambo, a Trinidadian restaurant he operates with his son, Kevin. It opened last December and has steadily been picking up business and rave reviews, drawing neighborhood residents and tourists from as far away as California who’ve seen Flambo’s exceptional Yelp score. After nearly a year in business, the restaurant still boasts a five-star rating, with customers coming for the scratch-made curried shrimp, oxtail, roti and wings.

For North Broad, Flambo provides a change of pace. Its casual atmosphere contrasts with Marc Vetri’s upscale restaurants and the numerous fast food joints that dot the street. For Logan, it’s a long-awaited project and a promise to himself finally made good.

“I knew for a very long time I wanted to be my own boss,” he said, “and do something dynamic and have some control.”

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