From Homeless Shelter to Her First Apartment-Find out How This Guyanese Woman Did It

Tamantra Bowen migrated from Guyana at age 11 to the United States. 

But life in the US hasn’t been easy for Bowen. Just before she turned age 19, her housing situation collapsed, leaving her homeless. Bowen has cerebral palsy and when she moved to the US, she hoped that something could be done to ease her pain.

A after arriving in the US she underwent surgery to straighten her hamstring.  Her father, who was a truck driver decided to send her to live with a friend who she called “Aunt”.

But things took a turn for the worst after her father was seriously injured in a car accident; Bowen was just 17 years old. It got even worst and for the next couple of years, Bowen’s live a painful life leading to her being homeless.

She said 

“I moved into the shelter four days after my 20th birthday. My therapist was so sad, and crying. I was like, ‘Girl, I’m looking at this like going to college.”

However, thanks to support organizations, Bowen was able moved into the spacious one-bedroom on the ground floor of a condo building in Coney Island in Brooklyn last July, after spending the previous year in homeless shelters. 

For more on her story go to the New York Times.

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