Guyanese born Doctor Awarded Canadian Meritorious Service Medal For Service to Guyanese Kids

Nine years ago, Dr. Narendra Chetram Singh was visiting his home country of Guyana and took a tour of the neonatal intensive care unit at one of the hospitals.

The chief of staff at Humber River Hospital and associate professor of pediatrics at McMaster University was “surprised and taken aback” by what he saw — or more specifically, what he didn’t.

“They really didn’t have very basic equipment,” he recalled of the unit mere feet away from where he was born. “Thirty to 40 babies were dying a month. The doctors and nurses were doing the best with what they had.”

The unit lacked incubators, intravenous pumps, and heart and oxygen monitors.

“(Babies) were dying because of prematurity, or they died from infection,” he said.

Singh, along with his pediatrician wife, Dr. Shirley Sit, founded Guyana Help the Kids (GHTK) in 2009 as a way to combat neonatal and infant mortality rates in the country.

Along with raising funds for essential equipment, the duo also established a pediatric residency program and a neonatal nursing program, in collaboration with Canadian universities to send staff down to Guyana to train pediatricians and nurses. To date, 10 Guyanese pediatricians and more than 50 NICU nurses have been trained

A couple years ago the Ontaria Medical Association shine the spotlight on Dr Singh

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