Guyanese-born Engineer Helping To Build Supersonic Passenger Planes

Kenrick Waithe was brought to the U.S. from Guyana at the age of eight when his immigrant parents moved the family to the Bronx.

As he explains, his life was forever changed in the eighth grade when he was accepted into the Oliver Scholars, a program dedicated to getting promising Latino and black students from low-income New York City neighborhoods into elite schools and universities.

A representative from Oliver Scholars had come to his school. But Waithe didn’t gain enough confidence to apply until after his friends’ brother had gotten accepted. “That Oliver Scholars opportunity, if I hadn’t done that then, I don’t know if I’d be here talking to you,” he said.

As an engineer at Colorado-based startup Boom, Waithe creates computer-based simulations of supersonic passenger flights so that one day they will become a reality.

He said,

“We’re trying to build a supersonic airliner that’s economically viable, the way that the Concorde was not”

Formerly an engineer at Gulfstream, Lockheed Martin and NASA, Waithe is well-versed at dreaming big.

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Startup Aims To Make Low Cost Supersonic Flights A Reality

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