In Jamaica, A Father and His Two Sons Graduate From University Together

Last weekend when 53-year-old Harven Burke, regional field officer at the Jamaica Observer, walked across the stage to receive his Master’s of Business Administration, his son Kemoi, 28, was right behind him.

What’s more, his younger son Kamol, 23, walked the very stage not an hour before, receiving the award of Bachelor of Science in Operational Management.

He told the Jamaica Observer,

“When I went up, Kemoi was behind me in the line. I heard the announcer say, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have a special announcement. We have a father and son graduating today, and the place erupted. My knees felt weak; I couldn’t walk”

As he spoke, the pride radiating from his ear-to-ear grin was hard to mistake.

“I was elated because not only was I graduating with my sons, but also because I finally went through with my master’s, after starting and stopping twice,” Burke said.

“Kudos to my wife. She was like a hand in mi back,” he said, laughing. “She has more confidence in me than I have in myself. Trust mi. Most of what I have achieved is through her.”

Kemoi, a promotions coordinator at CB Group, told Career & Education that neither he nor his dad knew the other was enrolling in the MBA programme. He applied and was accepted, but was planning to defer, he explained. He, however, changed his mind after assessing his career goals and realising that he would have to start now in order to meet the requirements for landing a CEO position in the future.

“When I saw my father at the orientation I was shocked. I said to him, ‘I didn’t know you were doing the programme’. There were discussions at home about studying for a master’s degree, but there was uncertainty as to when it would happen,” he shared.

They spent the next 27 months mostly in the same classes, studying the same content, poring over the same coursework, completing the same assignments.

Full Story-Jamaica Observer
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