Jamaican-Born Ayanna James is a Costume Designer With a Skill for Storytelling

Ayanna James, is a Jamaican-born costume designer and fashion stylist who is the force behind all HBO show Insecure.

Hher work demonstrates her gift of interpreting a character’s emotions, life experiences, and growth with carefully selected and constructed apparel.

In an interview with Fader magazine, James said,

“My style is really based on my mood, and my mood these days is all about work. I don’t really get too many opportunities to be stylish ”

James talent and style is depicted in Insecure from the iconic text-heavy apparel that Issa dons (the “Niggas” sweatshirt by Omondi, for example), Lawrence’s transformation from scrub to daaaamn to the the perfectly crisp, office-ready looks that Molly regularly rocks.

There is even more to learn about this young and vibrant stylist. She shared her perspectives on dropping out of college, meeting Issa Rae, and supporting black brands with her Fader interview.

Fader Interview

Here is a preview of Insecure Season 2: Episode 7


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