Kevin Powell Refused to Let Physical Limitations Hold Him Back

Kevin Powell is different. Born with a physical limitation, he has grown accustom to facing obstacles for most of his life but that has not stop him from aiming for excellence and to be treated as everyone else.

Today he is currently the academic head of the Department of General Studies and Behavioural Science at the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean.

That’s a huge achievement for someone who at birth faced a life threatening condition. In an interview with the Jamaica Gleaner Outlook magazine, Powell said,

“From birth, I was diagnosed with arthrogryposis, and consequently had to do my first surgery, because when I came out of the womb, my legs were clasped together. The first duty then for Professor John Golding from the Mona Rehabilitation Centre was to get the legs to look normal – the joints weren’t able to be developed properly. I had to be cast most of my life and I even wore corrective shoes.”

So imagine trying to live a normal life growing up in Jamaica-going to school, moving around, even playing outdoors like most kids. But as he pointed out in his interview with the Outlook Magazine, the moment he started using crutches, his life changed. He said,

“I pretty much did everything a normal child would do. I played every kind of game you could think of, from baseball to hide-and-seek. I also loved to read, write and help others”

This story is one of courage and perseverance. Well done Outlook magazine for sharing this powerful story

Below is a short video that highlights the work of the Mona Rehabilitation Centre

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