Meet Cassandra Shannon, She Overcame Abuse and Now Motivates and Inspires Other Women

CASSANDRA Shannon, 44, describes herself as a strong woman who uses her experiences of overcoming abuse to motivate and inspire other women to do the same.

Born and bred in Kingston, Shannon grew up off Lyndhurst Road and lived a humble life devoid of the comforts that a child should enjoy. In addition to the tough financial challenges she faced, Shannon was subjected to physical and emotional abuse and lived in fear for most of her upbringing.

“My father was a soldier who thought discipline was ‘lick dung’ first, then maybe ask a question after. So I was fearful. I attended Holy Childhood High, and it took some time to get home by bus. Most evenings I’d have to walk home, and if I didn’t get there within 30 minutes after school ended, I was beaten. My dad was stationed in Moneague, and whenever he was coming home I had a very uneasy feeling. If I heard the van come around the corner and I was washing a glass or a plate, it would just [drop and] break because of how he drove fear into our hearts. He used to beat us a lot, even my mother too. But I got it more, so eventually I became rebellious,” she said.

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