“Mother Dora’’ Celebrates And Shows Her Fitness At 106

The next time you are out grocery shopping, pay close attention to the woman next to you scrutinizing the prices of the items on the shelf; or ahead of you in the queue paying the cashier for a purchase.

The person may be Dora Skeen, and she’s no ordinary shopper. She’s 106 years old.

“I feel so good. Thank the Lord,’’ Jamaica-born Skeen told reporters, at a New Year’s Eve event to mark her 106th birthday. It was organized by members of the Scarborough-based Agincourt Church of God, where Skeen has been worshipping regularly for more than 20 years.

Skeen, among members of the congregation, is affectionately referred to as “Mother Dora’’ and she’s active in the church’s seniors’ ministry.

“She’s just such a sweet lady; very sweet lady. You won’t even know – by just interacting with her – that she is that old; her memory is still intact,’’ said Andre Blake, Executive Pastor at Agincourt Church of God. “It shocks you when you hear that she’s 106; it’s unbelievable.’’

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