No More ‘WICKED HEART’! – Former Schoolboy Gangster Urges Jamaican Youths To Avoid A Life Of Crime

Andrew Taylor was like scores of other Jamaican teenagers, full of energy and a determination to make a better life for himself.

But like so many other young Jamaicans, the challenge of living in a depressed inner-city community saw him being caught up in the alluring web of gangsters who promised a life of respect and economic salvation.

To compound his challenges, Andrew was being raised by parents who were both legally blind, with the socio-economic pressures just too much for him to resist the criminal lifestyle.

But unlike many of his peers who are now dead or behind bars, Andrew was saved by the love and dedication of his parents and the support teachers at his high school.

At age 24, Andrew is now a respected barber and a dedicated family man, who has seen some of the worst school violence, having been in the heart of it while associated with the ‘Wicked Heart Gang’ – a high school clique which had its origins at a prominent high school in the heart of Kingston.

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