St Lucian Author on a Mission

(Source: New York Times)-Alene Mathurin, the founder of My Nanny Circle, wants caregivers to take pride in their work.

Ms. Mathurin, 43, is the founder of My Nanny Circle, a grass-roots group that focuses on the training and empowerment of caregivers. The organization is not political, but on this particular Saturday, it was impossible to ignore the events that had unfolded in Washington the day before. President Trump had signed an executive order curtailing immigration, and anxieties were high. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a research organization in Washington, about 38 percent of nannies in New York State are non-naturalized immigrants.

“I am not here to talk politics at all, believe me, because I can seriously get my knickers in a twist,” said Stella Reid, 52, a guest speaker and a former star of the reality show “Nanny 911.” Ms. Reid, who had arrived illegally from England in 1989 but is now a citizen, read testimony from Representative Mick Mulvaney, Republican of South Carolina, who was confirmed Thursday as the director of the Office of Management and Budget. Mr. Mulvaney had failed to pay payroll taxes for his nanny’s work: “In our minds, she was a babysitter,” adding, “She did not educate the children.”

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