St. Lucian-born, London-Based Producer Poté Is Expanding His Vision Beyond The Dancefloor

A few weeks ago, St. Lucian-born, London-raised producer Poté released his long-awaited debut album, Spiral, My Love. Clocking in at a lean seven tracks, it was as efficient as it was effective. Despite that, the whole album took him the better part of a year to plan, write and produce; including a considerable amount of time throwing around ideas with the other artists that feature on the album.

Here is a clip from his release

As he explains below, his creative process (and the results of that process) have evolved dramatically for the album format. Where in the past, singles and even EPs had to be quick and punchy—because he’s only got 3-4 minutes to play with—Spiral, My Love feels a lot more considered.

Even though it is just seven tracks long, the pace is a little slower as he gives himself more room to play with. “Spiral” opens the album with a crawling wall of noise behind sombre lyrics. Even “Untune” with Kojey takes its time and makes sure not to rush things. It’s not until the fourth track, “Morph”, that we start to hear some more urgent, faster-paced rhythms. That continues for the next couple of tracks before he draws us towards the album’s conclusion with yet more focus on thoughtful songwriting and gradually built soundscapes. It really is a journey.

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