This Guyanese Woman Is Following in the footsteps of Her Grandparents

Samantha Thuknauth is a massage therapist from Region Five in Guyana.

Unlike many such professionals who are based in the townships, Samantha provides her service in the rural environment of Huntley Village, Mahaicony in Region Five (Mahaica/Berbice) following in the footsteps of her grandparents.

Her grandparents were not professionally trained, massage therapists but nevertheless provided yeoman and free service to their fellow villagers in providing relief for a variety of aches and pains, not so long ago.

Even though as a child she saw people visiting the family home with problems like “nara” / wind pain, back pain, shoulder pains and stiff neck and being cheerfully helped by her grandparents Cyril and Gladys, it took her a while to realise that this also was her true calling.


In an interview with the Pepperpot Magazine she said: “It was while working overseas in the Turks and Caicos Islands and watching a professional massage therapist at work that my girlhood days memories of the voluntary work of my grandparents for their fellow villagers, came flooding back and then I suddenly realised that this was my true calling too. This is where I wanted to/had to go. So I returned home; got trained and certified a few years ago and here I am doing what I like doing best: helping people to heal.”


She added with a smile: “Every now and then, one or two of the older folks who would come to me for massage for one reason or another would say ‘hey, so you take after your grandfather, Cyril’ or ‘you take after you grandmother, Gladys girl? Eh but look nah!’”

She continued: “I love being a Massage Therapist. It is my passion. I am proud to say that I am following in their footsteps.”



The Body Relaxation Massage Spa and Salon where she works is located along the Georgetown/Rosignol Highway, at Lot 5 Huntley, Mahaicony, about a mile or two east of the Mahaicony River bridge.

Samantha was recently featured in the pages of the Business Magazine of the Region Five Chambers of Industry and Commerce: Focus on Five.

At her Body Relaxation Massage Spa, customers can expect two scientific types of massage: Relaxation massage – also known as Swedish massage and Rehabilitative massage – also known as deep tissue, medical, or clinical massage which basically assists the body in healing itself.

Relaxation massage or Swedish Massage, she explained, is a gentle form of massage that uses long gliding strokes, kneading, friction, vibration and tapping generally in the direction of blood flow towards the heart to help improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension and relax and energise the beneficiary.


In this type, there is aromatherapy which is a combination of Swedish massage and essential oils and also the hot stone massage, both which induce relaxation.

Her hot stone massage is a speciality massage where she uses smooth, heated stones, either as an extension of her own hands or by placing them on the body while massaging other parts of the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles, so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly

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