Toronto Chef Craig Wong On How His Jamaican-Chinese Heritage Influences His Cooking

Chef Craig Wong, second-generation Canadian and owner of two restaurants: Patois, a Chinese-Caribbean family-style eatery, and Jackpot Chicken Rice, both in Toronto.

Not to mention, he’s the executive chef of Ting Irie, Dubai’s first Jamaican restaurant.

His parents wanted him to build microchips. He opened restaurants instead.

Born and raised in Scarborough, Ont. to parents whose family have lived in Jamaica for more than three generations, Wong, who is based in Toronto after spending years working for Michelin starred restaurants in Paris, says food has always been an essential part of his family.

He tells HuffPost Canada,

“My grandmother was the matriarch of our family and she was the one that… brought everyone together, and she would cook for everyone and our entire family would actually go over to her house five times a week”

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