Vivian Hong is Trini to the Bone

When Vivian Hong walks through the streets of St James everyone thinks she is a Trini. She fits the typology of a Chinese Trinidadian woman. And when she stops by a doubles vendor to eat a good doubles, everyone is convinced that she was born and raised in T&T.


It’s a busy Wednesday afternoon and I learn that Hong was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. “I grew up in a traditional immigrant family, my dad is Chinese and my mom is Vietnamese and French. I was raised to speak a combination of Cantonese, Vietnamese and French before learning English (which was introduced to me at the age of four when I attended school),” the Master of Arts graduate in Immigration and Settlement Studies from Ryerson University tells me. Being the first CBC (Chinese Born in Canada) in her family, she grew up wanting to be identified as only “Canadian” and not her hyphenated identity.

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