Why This Caribbean Entrepreneur Is Paying It Forward in Education

Courtney Williams is hard at work with his team in the newly opened Dryades Public Market in Central City. A windy and adventurous path has recently led him there. A Brooklynite by way of Jamaica, Williams first moved to New York City with his parents when he was 13 years old.

The Columbia Law School graduate worked at a law firm for two years before joining AOL, where he found he had a keen interest in technology. Next, he led strategic and business development for Radio One, and helped build the largest collection of African-American media sites on the web. In just three years, he helped grow the user base from zero to several million per month, and played a critical role in elevating the company’s total revenue to roughly $25 million.

After a long and successful run in tech, and a solid stint as a DJ, Williams felt compelled to shift his efforts to a venture that would give back to education–the key factor to which he says he owes his own career success.

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