Wow Amazing: Disabled man in Jamaica masters farming on hillside

Eighteen years ago, Emanuel had stopped by a restaurant in the nearby community of Trinityville to have a meal. Two gunmen entered the establishment and started to rob the patrons. Emanuel attempted to run, and was shot in his right shoulder.

The bullet travelled to his spine, and left him paralysed from the neck down. He spent five months in the Kingston Public Hospital, and was then sent to the Mona Rehabilitation Centre where he regained the use of his upper limbs.

Emanuel got homesick and was frustrated, as he was riddled with sores. He asked his family to take him home. He was reassured by his parents that they would always take care of him, but things went downhill after his father died.

He realised that he had to find a way to sustain himself, so he decided to go back into farming. His sibling discouraged him, telling him that he would chop his legs or fall over and further hurt himself. He was not daunted by this as he had to eat. He found innovative ways of digging holes to plant his banana and plantain suckers and coffee

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