You would never believe that this 8-time Barbados National Champion is still smiling

Up until 15 months ago, Hugh Reid was leading a rather charmed life.

But in the spring of 2015, Reid’s charmed life took a decided dark turn.

“It was May of last year, and I was getting ready for World Championships when I started to get pains and started to feel sick,” said Reid, Lehman College’s new head track and field coach. “The next day I couldn’t move. So between May and August of last year I was in and out of the hospital. They finally figured out what it was. I’ve got Crohn’s disease. It’s one of those things that apparently I’ve always had but I didn’t get it all at the same time. I got it in spurts. When I was little I’d have stomach issues and then as I got more involved in athletics my knees would hurt and my back would hurt and things would just swell up randomly.”

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