Young Jamaican heads to To Russia for World Youth Festival

Most Jamaicans would remember, and perhaps swear by Lada, the no-frills, no-nonsense car from the erstwhile USSR. That was in the 80’s – a time and era that seems as far distant as that icon on four wheels.

The world has changed in three decades — from lifestyles to priorities, but some fundamentals hold their place as they have as far as mankind can reminisce — that of human bonding.

A young Jamaican has got an opportunity of a lifetime to connect with over 20,000 youth from 150 countries, to attend World Festival for Youth and Students in Sochi — and the messages she is carrying from this Rock is splashed in expressions of colours.

“I would love to give an elaborate story about a very calculated plan, but to be honest all I did was apply and had zero expectations,” said Reeshemah Ball.

Ball, who is a painter, says she chose fine arts as a vocation and a profession, despite the notions and challenges.

She, though, said that the notion of being an artist in this day and age might sound ‘absurd’ but it is a calling and after trying to force herself into other professions she kept coming back.

The motivation or the apprehension was “what if” when she would looks back on life.

“Many other professions piqued my interest especially those in science, literature and history due to my high level of curiosity but art has always been my first love,” she said.

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