Young St Lucian entrepreneur making strides

If you were to mention the term ‘hustler’ to someone on an average day, I’d bet a cheese and ham sandwich that their initial thought would be that of all the negative connotations attached to the word.

I mean I don’t really blame them because of the way the word has been thrown around to refer to everything that represents ‘bad’. If you ask me though, a hustler is definitely someone to admire.

My meaning of the often maligned word? A hustler is a person who is aggressively hard-working, who knows how to get around problems. A hustler is a go getter, one who never gives up, regardless of the challenges.

If you walk around Choiseul long enough, you will hear of a young man, who has found his passion as an entrepreneur, and who is inspiring the young people around him who look to him as a role model. Randy Lafontaine, from the community of Piaye, is the definition of a Hustler, a real one. He is a go getter!

When you mention Randy’s name in Choiseul, the first thing that would come to people’s mind is photography. Top Notch! Randy has made his name as one of the finest photographers in the south, if not THE finest.

Through his art he is able to allow people to indulge in mind blowing experiences, and allow their imaginations to take them to parts of the island that they’ve never set foot in. If you look up his 

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