UK Police in Race Row With Nightclub For Playing Jamaican Music

Roy Seda, who runs Dice Bar in Croydon, alleged police officers have told him to stop playing bashment music, which is performed by the likes of Sean Paul, Shaggy and Beenie Man.

Sergeant Michael Emery, a Croydon licensing officer, is said to have sent an email to Mr Seda to tell him his venue was playing “what this borough finds unacceptable forms of music”.

Mr Seda told the Guardian: “We’ve lost business. We’ve had some birthday bookings that have cancelled when they’ve asked if we play bashment and we’ve had to tell them no.”

Describing how some customers thought the music ban was racist, he told the newspaper: “They’re in the bar and asking can you play bashment and when we tell them no, they think I’m a racist.”

Police have stopped a nightclub from playing a form of music because they claim it is “unacceptable” and linked to crime, the owner has alleged.

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