Is Grenada the most successful Rio Olympics team? | Other Sport | BDlive

According to the website‚ which tracks this statistic using official 2015 population figures from the World Bank‚ Grenada is the most successful nation at Rio 2016.

Grenada leads the list with one medal (400m silver medallist Kirani James) for their 106,825 citizens.

Team SA ranks 56th on medals per capita with one medal won for every 6,106,324 people.

The US are also be way down the charts by this measure. Despite winning 100 medals‚ the US ranks 38th with one medal for every 3,214,188 people.

China are near the bottom because they have more 1.3-billion people. Their 58-medal tally gives them a haul of one medal per 23,641,724 people.

India‚ the world’s second-most populous country ranks last with only one medal despite a population of 1.3-billion people.

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